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Having ideas is easy. Executing them is hard.

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When was the last time you had an idea? Or the last time you sat together with your friends, complaining about your job and what you could do different?

Ideas are everywhere.

It is now 20 years since I started my working life. I have always had ideas. Even when I was still at school, I had “business ideas.”

I always wanted to work in advertising or build great brands, and I have always liked my jobs. But my brain has never stopped. I have never had any real hobbies, so ideas have become my passion.

My parents were always employed; they never took any risk in life. Being educated, or rather, risk-averse, I never had the courage to move any step further, to make an idea a reality.

If you have an idea, it is easy to think you are a hero the world has been waiting for. You think you can do better than anyone else with this idea.

I have always hid myself in these thoughts. Here is my idea…it is better than anything, but sadly, I can’t execute this idea.

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Looking forward to the self-driving car

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Google self-driving car

Google self-driving car

I was born in Germany and still live there in the land of the Autobahn. Cars are an essential part of our society, social life, and a major part of our economy. Some (I would even say most) of the greatest car brands in the world are German: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen.

I got my driving license just a few weeks after I turned 18 and bought my first car with some money I had saved (sadly, it was not a German car, just an old used Fiat Panda, which did a great job for a few years).

Over time, I have driven BMW, Audi and Mercedes cars, and next year, I might get a new company car. My wife usually drives the company car with the kids, and I use our 14-year-old Renault Twingo, which is great for the city (although I think Renault is an awful brand but OK as long as it takes me where I want).

However, I wonder how long I will continue to own a car or even two cars.

If you live in the city, cars are less and less of a status symbol. In the past, you showed how successful you were by having a car bigger than your neighbor’s.

This is not the case anymore. It might be even the opposite. If you drive a big SUV in a city like Hamburg, more and more people think you are a dickhead: you spend a lot of money for something you rarely use, your car takes up too much valuable space in the city, it is not ecological, and so on.

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My first three days at SXSW 2015

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Rainey Street, SXSW 2015 Austin

It is almost impossible to describe an event like SXSW. Everything I write will just represent a fraction of what is going on.

I arrived on Wednesday evening and thanks to the jet lag I was up early on Thursday. So, I walked around the city and got a pretty good impression.

Austin is a lovely place; you can do most things by walking around, and if you need to go a little further, there is a great public transportation system (I just tried several bus lines), Car2Go or Bcycle, where you can rent a bike at nearly every corner.

After picking up my badge, I thought there was not much going on. I got a hint via Twitter to check out the Start Up Crawl. This thing was huge! Fifteen companies took part, and you could l visit their offices and meet people there. I started at Capital One, where in their basement, 20 startups presented themselves. In their offices, there were at least another 20 startups!

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Heading to SXSW

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SXSW 2015

A little more than a month and SXSW Interactive will kick off in Austin.

I have just booked my flights and will head to Austin in a few weeks to attend as many interesting sessions as possible.

In the last couple of years, I have attended a few conferences, mainly in Germany. None has really broadened my horizon. 95% of the talks were uninspiring and simply were a repetition of common knowledge (at least for the people who spend a lot of time in the interactive world). Just a few of the presentations really gave an insight that you couldn´t have heard elsewhere or talked about their failures and how they had learnt from them.

This is exactly what I am hoping to take home from Austin: a lot of inspiring stories from people who are much better than I am in what they do. I think you can only really learn from people who know more than you.

I am still trying to get an overview of all the sessions available. There is an almost uncountable amount of sessions across the five days!

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Speed up – Moving this site from Tumblr to WordPress

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My old portfolio site was always on WordPress, but two years ago, I wanted to try out how an updated site would work on Tumblr. So I got myself a nice Tumblr theme and started to build my personal blog on Tumblr.

Two years later, I am moving everything back to WordPress. There are several great blogging systems out there, but WordPress is something I know and it had a great overhaul with version 4. I have also been writing on Medium and thought of dropping my site completely. But I still believe I need to have a “real” website.

There are a few reasons that made me feel that Tumblr is not the right platform:
Tumblr seems to be great for sharing small pieces of content: images, GIFs, quotes. But it was never intended as a real blogging platform.

Tumblr seems to be slow. I tested the speed of my site, and it was above 10 seconds. I like images in my blog posts, and Tumblr always compresses them in a way that they look pretty bad. So I uploaded the images to Flickr first and then embedded them into my site—which is one reason the site is so slow. No chance you could even get those images adaptive.

I want to write more in the future, but the editor is not fun to work with.

So I installed WordPress and got myself a nice theme from Elmastudios.

Ponsonby Elmastudio

Then came the fun part: How fast can I get this site?

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One team – one table

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Our philosophy is present in one table.

I am a strong believer that how you work affects your outcome. I also strongly believe that it is a must to work together personally. I have nothing against working from home, in a hotel lobby or anywhere else in the world. I love it – from time to time.


However, much more than that I like to work and learn from “real people.” Especially if you work on larger projects, it is a must that the core of the team works together in person.

I have seen a lot of offices and worked in quite a few over the last 20 years. Most of the time they were rather small boxes, where I sat together with 1-2 others. Or they were open space offices, with a lot of people in one room, but at separate tables.

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