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Having ideas is easy. Executing them is hard.

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When was the last time you had an idea? Or the last time you sat together with your friends, complaining about your job and what you could do different?

Ideas are everywhere.

It is now 20 years since I started my working life. I have always had ideas. Even when I was still at school, I had “business ideas.”

I always wanted to work in advertising or build great brands, and I have always liked my jobs. But my brain has never stopped. I have never had any real hobbies, so ideas have become my passion.

My parents were always employed; they never took any risk in life. Being educated, or rather, risk-averse, I never had the courage to move any step further, to make an idea a reality.

If you have an idea, it is easy to think you are a hero the world has been waiting for. You think you can do better than anyone else with this idea.

I have always hid myself in these thoughts. Here is my idea…it is better than anything, but sadly, I can’t execute this idea.

I don’t have the money, I don’t have the time, and I don’t have the knowledge.

But IF I would do it (I can’t imagine how often I have said or heard “IF” in the last 20 years), I know I would be better than my boss, the company I work for, or anyone else in the world.

So I always felt like an almost millionaire; if only I would realize my ideas.

That is probably totally normal and human behavior; assuming that the best things in life are on the other side of the fence. This probably keeps most of us going in our everyday routines.

However, one day, I realized that it was me who was the only one who could help my ideas become a reality.

No one is waiting for you. No one is waiting for your idea. This was my first lesson.

If I had an idea, I talked about it and showed it to different people, etc. I was hoping to get some kind of support. All of your friends and the people you know will tell you that your idea is good because they want to be nice. However, usually they don´t really care. They have their own problems.

So forget that you get any support. You are out there alone.

Usually, you don´t have any money that you can invest. Do you think there is a lot of money out there that needs to be invested? Sure, there is a lot of money. But not for you. Do you think a nice presentation will convince people to invest in your idea? Why should they? All you have is a Powerpoint presentation and a few hypothetical numbers.

So let’s summarize: You have an idea but no money and no support.

This is usually the starting point. If you are deeply convinced that you have a groundbreaking idea, a real entrepreneur would move ahead. If you are someone who only talks, you stop there. But then please stop bothering others with your great ideas that will never see daylight. Shut up and don’t complain anymore.

There are many excuses to stop, but if you keep going, don’t look back. Look forward. The chances are high you might fail. But do you really have something to lose?

You won’t die, so don’t worry.

It will lead you somewhere. Sometimes, it will lead you somewhere that you never thought or dreamed of.

Keep going! You will be rewarded!


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